Current Projects

[Secret Game Dev Project]

Working on a custom game engine in Typescript and Three.js.



Play Codenames online with private games, custom dictionaries, and online multiplayer.


A 16hr game jam with a friend. The theme was "Ocean, uh oh". Put together an open sea horror experience. Three.js + simple game state in JS.


Webcomic Aggregator

Loads webcomic webpages server-side and scrapes for specific images and data. Has a 2 hour cache.

Open Source + Contact


My GitHub. Not everything I work on, but most of the software.



Personal dotfiles, configs, scripts, keybindings, and more. Currently using Void Linux, AwesomeWM, NeoVim, Gruvbox.


Current keyboard keymap. Corne PCBs kit, zilent v2 42g switches, DSA PBT caps, Colemak layout.


Fill Light

A simple fill light to use during video calls. Adjust brightness and temperature. Needs more accurate color temperatures, but it gets the job done.

Old Games


A basic HTML5 platformer. Learning canvas rendering a long time ago. Save the princess!

Brick Breaker

A chaotic brick breaker game with power ups/mods. Gets out of control (and laggy) very quickly! (Also from a long time ago).


An HTML5 + Box2D clone of an at-the-time popular Android game. A fun take on brick breaker games. Unfinished.

Screaming Robot

This robot screams. (A combo of references from back in the day).

Old Projects

Planning Poker

A planning poker application for agile sprint planning.